About us

We are a small family business situated at the farm Ytri-Skógar in south Iceland. We have been offering people guided horse rides since the year 1990. The tours are one to five hours long and we ride around the beautiful area of Skógar, along the hills, to some waterfalls, down to the black sand beach and more.

Our horses are both suitable for beginners and those who have some riding experience. The tours are a great experience for everybody and a good opportunity to enjoy the magical Icelandic nature with good company.

The farm

Our family moved to Ytri-Skógar in 1968. They moved here with another family and have ever since been operating the farm together. When they first came here they owned 450 sheep, 30 cattle, few chickens and 3 horses.
Now there are about 330 sheep, 65 cows and 35 hens. The horses are now somewhere around 40 but only about half of them are in the horse rental. The rest is used for breeding or is still to young to be ridden.